Relationship Counselling

Do you seem to have the same argument over and over?

‚ÄčRelationship issues can thwart the best of us for many reasons. These issues are more difficult to master than individual issues because it is as if there are three people involved, you, me and the relationship itself. We often absorb flawed communication styles from our parents. External stressors can create situations where we are not our best selves. We can unconsciously be responding to past relationships even when we know we have a new and improved person in front of us. We may struggle to attach to our partners in healthy ways because it was not safe to do so in our formative years. Increased intimacy may scare us even though we want it. Our partners may trigger past trauma responses without knowing it. Many of these relationship issues may be no fault of your own or your partner. Help from a relationship counsellor can turn your struggles into strengths and your relationship into a source of joy and support.

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Sessions are conducted in person or via Zoom online, which is double encrypted to protect your privacy.