Cheryl McMeeken is a Calgary based Sex & Relationship Therapist, Writer and Educator

For 16 years, Cheryl has inspired people with her openness and easy humour in discussing the most personal and challenging topics. Her work includes one on one and couples sessions, writing, online education, public speaking and presenting.

Cheryl holds a Masters in Counselling Psychology, certification as a personal development coach and diplomas in a variety of related therapies and techniques. Cheryl is a life-long learner and continues to add new research and techniques to her repertoire. Cheryl is a Registered Provisional Psychologist (#P6226) with the College of Alberta Psychologists. Which means that sessions are covered by most insurance plans.

Cheryl offers a range of groundbreaking products and services to assist you. Sessions involve a variety of healing, educational and experiential modalities. Cheryl uses a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach along with a variety of other results based methods to facilitate clients in achieving their sexuality and relationships goals.

What differentiates Cheryl from other therapists is her focus on Functional Sexuality Therapies, providing concrete ways to help people better their sexual lives. The goal is to get you tangible results. 

Disorders treated by Functional Sexuality Coaching include a range of sexual dysfunctions, including low or high sexual desire and libido, premature ejaculation, lack of orgasm, erectile dysfunction, difficult or painful intercourse, and delayed ejaculation.

​Cheryl’s passion is to promote and facilitate people in exploring all of who they are physically, spiritually, mentally and of course sexually. She believes human connections are the last great frontier and potentially the most magical and joyful gifts in life. Ideally, our powerful and positive sexual energy can be used to reach our highest potential, from bedroom to boardroom and everywhere in between. In our busy lives where pleasure and touch are often considered an indulgence rather than a primary human need, these therapies are essential in achieving and maintaining a healthy sense of self and enjoyment of life.

Sessions are available in person in an office located in the Calgary Beltline or via Zoom from the comfort and safety of your own home. Cheryl has also created books and online classes for those who prefer to learn independently.

When Cheryl is not striving for global sexual enlightenment, she loves spending time with her adult children and friends, traveling and creating art.