Let's Talk About Sex Meetup!

‚ÄčEverything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex,

                                         But Were Afraid To Ask!

This is a fun, educational and entertaining Meetup.

Sex and relationship therapist Cheryl taps her 16 years of experience to answer all of your sexuality and relationship questions.

ALL QUESTIONS ARE SUBMITTED ANONYMOUSLY, so you really can ask ANY question. No topics are off limits.

Ideally, our powerful and positive sexual energy can be used to reach our highest potential, from bedroom to boardroom and everywhere in between. In our busy lives where pleasure and touch are often considered an indulgence rather than a primary human need, sexual knowledge is essential in achieving and maintaining a healthy sense of self and enjoyment of life.‚Äč


"Hi Cheryl, I am SO GLAD I came to your talk! Seriously, amazing! So refreshing! So funny! And you are so grounded and confident. I loved the blind Q&A format and got my question, that I would likely never ask in public, answered. So, thank you! I think you are rad! Keep doing what you are doing!"