“Hi Cheryl, this is a follow up to the therapy session I had with you a few weeks ago. Thank you very much for your help, since your session my issues seemed to vanish and I have no troubles orgasming through intercourse now. My girlfriend and I seem to be in the same sexual groove now, having successful intercourse almost daily and things are going very smoothly. Thank you very much once again for your help! :) ”

"Never let it be said you don't understand the male sexuality, your sessions are profound and I am enjoying the positive changes in my life every day."

MonaLisa Touch

is an innovative, non-surgical, non-pharmacological treatment for vaginal discomfort, atrophy and urinary incontinence.

"Hello Cheryl, you helped me with lasting longer, about six or seven months ago. I would like to really thank you for teaching me how to correct my problem. I worked on your techniques and was skeptical at first, however I can honestly tell you that it worked extremely well, to the point where I can ejaculate when I want. Once again I would really like to thank you so much for what you have done for me, I can now fully please a woman, and can fully please myself, I have told many people about the great work you have done, not just in my situation but everything you do, and you have made me a believer, thank you so much and hopefully there is other stuff we can work on in the future!”

“I really admired your candour, courage, directness and professionalism in our couples sessions. Ultimately it helped to break through some of the layers for us. I want to say thank you for all you have done. Yours was the only therapy that gave us the tools we needed to save our relationship!!”


A Man's Guide to Total Orgasm Control

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"Cheryl, I can't tell you how much we appreciated your expertise!! Thank you so much, you were amazing!"

"Thank you so very much for the session last night. You are truly inspiring. I went home energized and excited and started in on all of the tasks. I also talked to my wife a lot. She shared my excitement and reinforced things you taught me. I look forward to booking my next session with you!"

Have a laugh and enjoy some, "Sexual Edutainment" on Cheryl's Youtube channel. Like, Share and Subscribe, laughing and sex are both natural antidepressants!!

Sex Therapist Cheryl


"Thanks so much Cheryl, the Last Longer sessions have been a real game changer for me. The results have been amazing for my wife and I both, since we are involved in, 'the lifestyle'. I don't feel unsure of myself or nervous that I will let her down in new situations at all now. My only regret is that I did not have these sessions 20 years ago."


"I just wanted to thank you again for your time and efforts with my wife and I back in the winter/spring. We are still making the changes that we need, to consciously reach our goals together."

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for what you did for me yesterday! You completely opened up my mind to why I do what I do and I feel a lot more in control of my emotions and state of mind. I’ve had a very liberating and free day today and I have you to thank for that. I also had a chat with my wife this morning and it went very well.”

"Your insights really put into perspective the relationship
between sexuality and intimacy in our lives. Thanks again."

“Thank you Cheryl, you're incredibly knowledgeable and have provided an amazing effort with my sessions, taking the time and not just rushing me through my process.”

"I would like to thank you for the counsel and coaching that you gave my husband. We have been working on what you taught him and it is producing great results. Just last night we had the best time ever. He seems to have gained enough control that he can last indefinitely now. This is such a wonderful gift and is so relaxing and enjoyable for both of us. Thanks again."

“I never knew I could experience this level of sexuality within my own body and on so many levels, spiritually, emotionally, physically…Wow, Thank You!!!”